Best Screen Protector For Pixel 2 XL

best screen protector for pixel 2

On this occasion and before the imminent arrival of the Google Pixel 3 XL, it is likely that we will see in the coming months a price drop in the Google Pixel 2 XL. That is why as we wrote a while ago an article with the best covers for Google’s Pixel 2 XL, what better way to complete it by making a selection of what are the best screen protectors for the Google Pixel 2 XL.

And although they all seem the same, there are significant differences from each other. Well, I do not roll up anymore and we begin to see those tempered glass crystals that will best protect the screen of our Google mobile phone.

What do we rely on to select the best screen protectors on the market? Below we detail the most important aspects that we have in mind.

Material.: All the screen protectors that we show you on our website are made of glass or tempered glass. These materials offer quality far superior to the typical plastic protectors.

Hardness. : The hardness refers to the resistance of the protector against scratches, scratches, and bumps. All the protectors that we offer you reach category 9H at the level of protection.

Thickness.: The thickness of your protector will influence the touch and aesthetics of your device. Thicker is not synonymous with better protection, although it could be synonymous with less transparency.

Opinions: As has always been said, the best advertising is what satisfied customers do. That is why, apart from all the previous points, we also take into account the opinions and evaluations of customers who have previously purchased one of these products.

Here we show you what in our opinion are the best screen protectors to effectively protect the screen of the Google Pixel 2 XL. With any of these protectors, we should have sufficient protection for any type of bump or scratch that might occasionally receive the screen. The friction of some keys, the fall to the floor of our terminal … this type of unforeseen talk.

The Best Screen Protectors For The Google Pixel 2 XL

1.) amFilm Glass Screen Protector for Google Pixel 2 XL (EDITOR’S CHOICE)

Having tried many, this screen protector for Pixel 2 XL of the amFilm brand is not bad at all. As you can see, it is not exactly cheap, it costs 12.99 euros, but it fits perfectly with the mobile and is of great quality. It protects not only what the screen is, but also the part of the edges as you can see in the image (black) and fits quite well with respect to any other screen protector that I had tried before. So it’s the one I recommend the most (as long as you like it to have black frames)

 amFilm Glass Screen Protector

Why We Recommend This:

  • ALL ORDERS NOW HAVE UPDATED & IMPROVED ADHESIVE GEL. Specifically designed Tempered Glass Screen Protector for the Google Pixel 2 XL, 2017, Full-Screen Coverage, Edge to Edge Protection
  • Bubble Free Guaranteed, Designed for easy installation
  • Ultra-thin-0.3mm thickness is reliable and resilient and promises full compatibility with touchscreen sensitivity
  • Highly durable, and scratch resistant – surface hardness 9H
  • Includes: 1x Glass Screen Protector, Wet Wipes, Dust Removal Stickers, Micro-Fiber Cleaning Cloth, and Installation and Use Guidance

2.) Skinomi TechSkin Screen Protector (BEST AFFORDABLE OPTION)

In the case that you are looking for a cheaper one or that does not have the frames around to cover it, there are more options by Amazon that are not too bad either.

The next one we propose from Skinomi TechSkin brings 2 protectors. That is, it costs 14.99 euros but you have it twice (or if you put one wrong and want to prevent, in case the flies).

The best thing is that it covers quite well from top to bottom and at the corners, without leaving lumps and does not take off. It is very good also (and it is the one I have right now on my mobile because it is the one that I liked the most, I do not like it much with the black frames).

Skinomi TechSkin Clear Screen Protector

Why We Recommend This:

  • The Google Pixel 2 Screen Protector is specifically designed using precise laser cutting technology to offer maximum screen coverage. Material flexibility allows total coverage even on curved devices
  • Self-Healing, flexible, tough, military-grade thermoplastic urethane, designed to absorb impact. The TechSkin is resistant against scratches, punctures, UV light and will not yellow
  • Easy, error-proof, and bubble-free installation. Liquid solution allows adjustments during installation. Significantly reduces dust, oil and fingerprint smudges
  • Optically transparent, virtually invisible, and HD Clear screen protector with smooth glass-like surface and “True Touch” feel. A great alternative to a typical “static cling” PET screen protector
  • 100% Risk-Free Lifetime Replacement Warranty from Manufacturer. Made in the USA. Includes original Skinomi TechSkin Screen Protector for Google Pixel 2

3.) L K Screen Protector for Google Pixel

L K Screen Protector for Google Pixel

Why We Recommend This:

  • Compatibility: Specially designed for Google Pixel 2 only, NOT for any other models.
  • Top Grade Protection: Anti-scratch resistant. Oleophobic coating protects against reducing fingerprints and sweat, easy to clean.
  • High Definition and Touch Sensitive: Highly responsive, sensitive with clarity and preserves your phone’s original 3D touch feeling without any interference.
  • Easy Installation: Easy alignment tool makes tempered glass easier to install, and no residue when be removed.
    Durable maintenance and replace support: Provided by L K to ensure the maximum protection for the life of your screen protector.

4.) Supershieldz Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Supershieldz Screen Protector

Why We Recommend This:

  • Made from the high-quality Tempered-Glass with 100% Bubble-Free Adhesives for easy installation and maximum scratch protection
  • 2.5D Rounded Edge Glass for comfort on the fingers and hand. 99.99% HD Clarity and Maintains the Original Touch Experience
    Hydrophobic and Oleo-phobic coating to reduce sweat and reduce fingerprints
  • Include 2 PCS Tempered Glass Screen Protectors, Protected by Supershieldz No-Hassle Lifetime Replacement Warranty

5.) OMOTON Screen Protector for Google Pixel 2

OMOTON Screen Protector

Why We Recommend This:

  • Special Design: This screen protector only fit Google Pixel 2. (It doesn’t fit Pixel 2 XL)
  • Only Cover Display Area: This screen protector cannot cover the curved edges of Pixel 2 but it fits all cases friendly.
  • Easy Installation: Our guide frame and bubble-free adhesive make it easy to install this Google Pixel 2 screen protector.
  • Scratch Resistant: This 9H tempered glass screen protector can effectively protect your Google Pixel 2 from unwanted scuffs and scratches.
  • High Response: 0.26mm thickness maintains the original response sensitivity of your Google Pixel 2, which ensures quick app launch, smooth games, and video playing.

Final Choice:

So what screen saver should you choose – your Google Pixel 2 XL? Any of the tempered glass screen protectors on the list are the ones you should choose. It will give your Google Pixel 2 XL a little more protection than the average movie can offer. And if you’re buying a $ 1000 phone, you’ll want the best protection available to him, it’s certainly something you don’t want to risk breaking, scratching or cracking! For those who prefer the traditional film screen protector, Armorsuit MilitaryShield can keep your phone protected from daily abuse.

ArmorSuit MilitaryShield: Best Screen protector (Best Overall Choice)

 ArmorSuit MilitaryShield

Why We Recommend This:

  • Precise laser cutting MilitaryShield Case Friendly screen protector for Google Pixel 2
  • Ultra HD Clear and amazingly thin, perfectly matches the contours of your device. Easy application with flexible material is designed for maximum full coverage on curved corners and edges on your device.
  • Created from scratch-proof, ultra-tough, optically clear, military-grade, yellow-resistant material and is custom fit for each particular gadget and device with full body and screen protection.
  • MilitaryShield has self-healing technology, which helps eliminate minor scratches on the film all by itself. Significantly reduces dust, oil and fingerprint smudges.
  • Includes ArmorSuit MilitaryShield screen protector, solution spray, squeegee, microfiber cloth, installation instructions and Manufacturer’s Lifetime Replacement Warranty. This Warranty is ONLY valid when purchased directly from an ArmorSuit’s official


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