How To Get A Close Shave With An Electric Razor

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One of the things in which electric shavers get a steady win, especially those that shave in the wet, tends to be in leaving one of the best shaves in a hurry.

These devices offer many advantages, compared to classic shaving. As, for example, the absence of cuts on the face and minimize skin irritations. They seem therefore the only viable solution, for many of us.

You’ve probably heard or read in some forums or message boards that electric razors can’t even dream of reaching for a razor blade in terms of a close shave.

The funny thing is that the vast majority of these statements come from men who have only used an electric shaver once or twice. I will also assume that his technique was probably not the best and they did not know some of the basic fundamentals of shaving with an electric shaver.

There are pros and cons and I will be the first to admit that the benefits of shaving with an electric machine mean a kind of balance in the vicinity.

But as we will see later in the article, with some easy steps to implement we can reduce this commitment to a minimum and really get a shave that is close to anyone’s standards.

How to Get a Close Shave with an Electric Machine Without Irritation?

Shave Without Irritation

Face with redness and burning sensation after each shave? Welcome to the club, you suffer from skin hypersensitivity.

The hypersensitive skin motivates many men to abandon the classic shave in favor of the electric shaver.

The reason is as follows:

Classic razor blades aggregate the complexion, by coming into direct contact with it. Hence the appearance of irritations and cuts on the face.

However, electric razors incorporate a metal mesh, between skin and blades, preventing contact between them. It helps you to get a close shave

Each man has his own technique when shaving(some even something surreal) and sometimes they are opposite. In search of the perfect shave, some wash their faces before starting the shaver dance. Others only after shaving operation.

If you want your shave to be complete, uniform and perfect before you start using the shaver as if it were a traditional blade you have to know that actions such as wetting the face to facilitate shaving will not be necessary.

  • Remember then that you have to have a completely dry face and that it is recommended that you do it before showering (to avoid open pores), although there are already brands and models that sell machines that can be used even under the shower.
  • If you have a beard that grows fast it is advisable that you pass the machine a couple of times a day, if your beard is abundant the machine will help you to review it and prevent it from growing daily and if the beard is curly it may cost you a little more to get shave, although the truth is that it will not be something impossible.
  • Finally, always remember that you have to apply an after-shave balm or lotion and allow the skin to be hydrated. There are models on the market that integrate a gel to make shaving a smoother experience, even so, you can shave much faster, but if yours does not include this modern option, do not forget to apply the lotion or balm before.

If you are one of those who have a beard and do not want to shave it completely but keep it, you must pass the machine with the function indicated for it, but also remember to shave very well in key areas such as the union between pins and beard, or the mustache drawing so that they are well defined without any pieces that are more populated than others.

Use a lotion or talcum powder for pre-shaving with an electric machine for Close Shave

This is probably the best if wet shaving is not for you. Dry shaving requires that your skin be as dry as possible, but moisture and skin oils make things more difficult. On the other hand, the shaver also has to deal with the hairs that are lying down. Using a lotion before shaving will provide a layer of lubrication, absorbing moisture and leaving facial hair more treatable. Using one can contribute to a more smooth and smooth shave.

Make sure the shaver is fully charged

This definitely has to be on your list of things you should ensure before shaving. In my personal experience, I get the most hurried shaves when using a fully charged electric shaver. While many manufacturers claim that their razors can maintain maximum performance until such time as the battery is completely drained, in practice this is very different.

The loss of power is not massive, but enough to have an effect on the final result. You’ve probably noticed that a fully charged electric shaver even sounds much more than one with a battery level of less than 50%. Again, we are only concerned about the quality of the close shave here and you will want to take advantage of the full cutting power of your electric shaver.

Work on your technique to get a closer shave

Adjusting the pressure, angle, direction, and length of the movements are necessary when shaving certain areas, such as the neck, chin or jaw. Always remember to go against the direction of growth and adjust the machine accordingly. Sometimes you should also have to stretch the skin with your free hand so that the shaver can cut the hairs more efficiently. Do not apply excessive pressure, as this will only cause irritation.

I also recommend starting your shave with the most difficult areas, since they require more time, attention and patience. If you just started, it may take some time until you master shaving with an electric shaver. But you will definitely progress, so just keep practicing.

Replace damaged blades

This is quite self-explanatory. Depending on the frequency of shaving, the blades and blades should be replaced approximately every year. This is not only important for the quality of the close shave, but also for your safety and comfort. Do not wait until the blades have worn through the blade and always buy the parts recommended by the manufacturer.

Be Patient and Thoroughclose 

Getting the fastest shave possible with an electric shaver also means more effort. There is preparation work and then there is real shaving. But these additional steps will definitely be worth it in the end.

How To Shave The Mustache With Electric Razor

How to forget the mustache, in this guide on how to shave with an electric machine.

To shave it, at least the first few times, it is necessary to slightly reduce the height of the hair. To do this, you can use the trimmer built into the shaver itself.

In this way, you will avoid jerks, reduce the number of passes and prevent future irritations.

Speaking of irritations, the appearance of them is frequent in such a delicate area. Use a pre-shave lotion and apply an aftershave balm at the end.

Now you just have to turn on your electric beard shaver and start shaving the mustache. Of course, do not do it crazy, apply the following technique:

First rule: Always cut against the counter.

Second: Make short and soft passes.

Third rule: By exerting excessive pressure or sudden movements, you will hurt the skin. Let the engine and blades do their job.

3 Steps to Shave your head with an electric machine?

Best Head Shaver

Is it possible to shave the head with an electric beard shaver? Quick answer … Yes.

Now, let’s establish certain nuances:

First. Not all models are worth shaving head hair.

Second. It is forbidden to buy a cheap electric shaver. You are riding little powerful engines, next to mediocre heads.

Enough for sparsely populated but fair beards, to fight against scalp hardness.

I dare to advise two models since I have tried them. These are the Braun Series 9 9290 and the Panasonic ES-LV65-S803.

Third. These types of devices shave the hair, that is, your head will look clean.

Advantages Of Shaving With An Electric Machine

Electric Razor

Without a doubt, and regardless of the fact that the final result of shaving is more or less tight, we have to say that doing so with a shaver will be much cheaper than with a traditional blade.

Although it does not seem certain that if you buy razors you will have realized that a pack in which five usually come will cost you more than five euros; taking into account that the disposable ones will only serve you for a couple of shaves (not counting the foam or shaving gel), the truth is that sometimes it is worth spending the 60 or 70 euros that a razor will be worth to you you and It will last for years.

This is added the power to plug the machine anywhere where we have a plug, either in the office, at home and even in the car (if we have an adapter) and with current models, many of them of a fairly small size, you can even take them with you for trips, on vacation or to have her at work in case you need an “emergency ” shave, including batteries that make them wireless and allow the man to shave while showering if he wishes.


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