Upright Go vs Upright Go 2 – Review & Comparison

Upright Go 2 review

The UPRIGHT GO2 is an App-enabled posture training smart wearable device that vibrates whenever you slouch, allowing you to train long-term muscle memory to achieve a better healthy posture.

If there’s one thing that was constantly screamed at us when we were younger, it was to sit up straight. It didn’t matter if you were on a picnic bench, or a pew, or a classroom chair – you had to sit upright and avoid slouching.

During adulthood, there’s no one standing behind you to remind you to stop slouching. In an age where we’re hunched over staring at our phones, or slouching in our chairs at work while we scroll through endless websites, our posture is beginning to suffer.

Upright GO vs Upright Go 2

The UPRIGHT GO 2 posture trainer is a unique, smart device that works by itself or with an app on your iPhone or iPad to help you improve your posture. The discreet trainer attaches to your upper back* and alerts you with a gentle vibration when you’re slouching—training you to achieve and maintain perfect posture. It is the newest addition and the updated version of the UPRIGHT GO.

The UPRIGHT GO 2 was designed and built according to the feedback we got from our customers about the UPRIGHT GO. On top of including all the great features of the UPRIGHT GO, the UPRIGHT GO 2 adhesive surface was increased by 40% to improve the grip, the battery life is 3 times longer, and the UPRIGHT GO 2 itself is 50% smaller than the UPRIGHT GO. ​Moreover, the UPRIGHT GO 2 has an additional sensor making detection of your posture even more accurate, it has a modern USB-C charging port, and it comes with a slick hard case.

Overall the UPRIGHT GO is awesome. The UPRIGHT GO 2 is even better. Both Devices require the download of a free app, available on IOS and Android. The app helps control and adjust the device and the settings. It also offers multiple training programs to help improve your posture.

Direct access to the support team is available within the app. The friendly team is always available to help set up the device or help troubleshoot any issue you could encounter.

Product Photos Upright Go
upright go
Upright GO 2
Upright Go 2
Dimension 55.25mm
Weight 12 grams 11 grams
Battery 1 days usage
approximately 12 hours of constant use
3 days usage
approximately 30, hours of constant use
Adhesives Long-lasting Adhesive 40% wider Adhesive

Introduction to UPRIGHT GO 2

Designed for all-day wear, UPRIGHT GO 2 is an inexpensive solution that fits with any lifestyle to correct and prevent poor posture. It is a slim, elegant design that easily attaches to your upper back for a discreet and comfortable fit. Equipped with multi-sensor technology, UPRIGHT GO 2 detects your body’s movements, upper body position, and other postural nuances. It emits a gentle vibration whenever you slouch, training your body to sit or stand with correct upright posture. The companion app provides progress stats, personal training programs, tracking modes to record posture data and access to a responsive in-app customer care team.

Upright Go vs upright go 2


  • Boost Your Health –  Meet UPRIGHT GO 2 the simplest, fastest and most natural way to improve your posture in just 2 weeks. Healthy upright posture strengthens back and core muscles stimulate better blood flow and promote overall well-being.
  • Stay Connected –  Download the UPRIGHT GO app for iOS and Android and sync your device with your phone to start your daily training sessions and tracking your progress.
  • Perfect Your Posture – You can easily create custom training programs with the UPRIGHT GO 2. In training mode, your device will gently vibrate whenever you slouch. You can adjust the sensitivity, training time and vibration intensity in the UPRIGHT App.
  • Track Your Progress – Tracking mode turns off vibration alerts and keeps accurate stats on your posture throughout the day using enhanced, multi-sensor technology.
  • Create Lifelong Habits –  Develop a daily practice of posture awareness and correction. Most of our users notice significant improvement within just 2 weeks of using the UPRIGHT GO 2. Discover what good posture feels like.

Technical Specifications

  • Input Type: USB
  • Other Features: Charging, Wireless, Health App Compatible
  • Internet Access: Some Features Require Internet Access
  • Cable Length: 29.52 in./75 cm
  • Connections: USB-C
  • Power: 0.43Wh
  • Power Source: Battery power
  • Batteries: Rechargeable Lithium Polymer
  • Battery life: Approximately 30 hours
  • Charge Time: Approximately three hours
  • Height: 1.89 in./4.8 cm
  • Width: 1.14 in./2.89 cm
  • Depth: 0.34 in./0.86 cm

What’s in the Box?

  • UPRIGHT GO 2 posture trainer
  • Adhesive removal tool
  • Reusable silicone adhesives
  • Alcohol pads
  • User manual
  • Case

upright go 2 vs upright go

Upright Go 2 Review: Conclusion

The device is a miracle for those who have a bad posture. Most of the people doing desk jobs suffer from bad posture. I personally have a job that requires 10+ hours of sitting. And my posture had deteriorated to a point where it was causing me a lot of pain, discomfort, and embarrassment. It had become second nature for me to always slouch and I had zero awareness of when I slouched except when I would see a picture of myself. Bad posture isn’t always due to a lack of strength and physicality but a lack of awareness. For me, it was a bad habit formed over many years.

Upright Go 2 truly helped me to kick my bad posture habit. I keep this device in training mode all day because it reminds me with a little vibration to straighten up every time I slouch. This is exactly what I needed! The first day I wore this device I was surprised to learn how often I was slouching and I admit it was really hard to maintain good posture all day. With time it has become easier and I am now more self-aware. I am proud to say my posture has significantly improved with this device. The app is super cool and intuitive – this is just a well thought out product. Here is some advice…the sticky pad on the back is just O.K. However, I simply add a small piece of medical tape (medical tape is strong) over the device and tape it to my back and it stays in place all day.


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